Download Directions and Setup


It is always best to close any open Window applications or virus utilities before installing any Windows program application. Additionally, system privileges must be provided for loading components into c:/windows/system directories.


Any previous version of the ABB GENIE II PROGRAM should be removed. This is done in the Windows Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs.


Thank you for your download request. Please follow the instructions: If you need a program to unzip this file to your computer, additional details are shown at the bottom.


The ABB GENIE II PROGRAM is provided as a .zip file.


1.      Create a new directory on your hard drive called: C:\Download


2.      Click on the program to be downloaded. When asked to save to file, point it to the directory C:\Download


3.      After it downloads

a) open the PKZipw Program, and

b) under File, Open... - browse to the

C:\Download\ file

c) double click on this file to open.

4.      Under Unzip, select Extract files, a pop-up screen appears.

Select the following options:

a) Extract... All files.

b) Extract to... C:\DownLoad\


5.      Quit PKZipw Program


6.      Close any running programs, such as Excel, Word, etc.. Then under Start on the Microsoft TaskBar (or hit the Microsoft Logo on keyboard), go to Settings, then Control Panel.


7.      In the Control Panel Window, double click on the Add/Remove Programs icon.


8.      Under the Install/Uninstall Tab, click on the Install button.


9.      In the Install Program From Floppy Disk or CD-ROM window, click next.


10. In the Run Installation Program window, click on the browse button.


11. In the Browse window, browse to the directory/folder


The Setup program will appear, by the name Setup.exe.

Double-click on the Setup.exe file. The 'Command for

installation program' should read "C:\ Download\Setup.exe"


Then click on the Finish button.


12. The Setup routine should start by 'Copying initialization files. If you are a first time user, the Setup will request to shutdown and restart your computer. This allows for proper registration. Click OK and allow the system to reboot.


(Don't panic, this is a normal routine for Microsoft Products, QMC uses all Microsoft Products, including their Setup routine. QMC Software is 100% Microsoft compatible, and all software is developed using Microsoft Software).


13. After your PC has rebooted, go back to item 6) and go through the Microsoft Installation routine one more time.


14. The installation will go to completion this time. Be sure to use all Setup Defaults. Also, when asked where to put the ABB GENIE II PROGRAM, click on the "BIG" (Default) Setup button so the ABB GENIE II PROGRAM loads into



15. To start the ABB GENIE II PROGRAM, go to the start button on the Microsoft TaskBar, then Programs, then ABB GENIE II PROGRAM.


         If you need PKZip for Windows to extract (unzip) the program to your computer, click on the link provided below. PKZip is offered as shareware. NOTE: This program can be downloaded before or after downloading the ABB GENIE II PROGRAM.