CD-ROM Installation and Setup


It is always best to close any open Window applications or virus utilities before installing any Windows program application.  Additionally, system privileges must be provided for loading components into c:/windows/system directories.


Any previous version of the ABB GENIE II PROGRAM should be removed.  This is done in the Windows Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs.


1.      Insert the ABB GENIE II PROGRAM CD-ROM.


2.      In the Windows Start Button on the Microsoft Task Bar, go to Settings>, then Control Panel>, then double-click on Add/Remove Programs and follow the on screen instructions. (For downloaded programs go to the directory the program was downloaded to)


3.      Click on the Install button.


4.      In the ‘Install Program from Floppy Disk or CD-ROM window’, and click next.


The Setup program should start by ‘Copying initialization files.’  If you are a first time user, the Setup may request to shutdown and restart your computer.  This is a standard Microsoft setup and allows for proper registration.  Click OK and allow the system to reboot.  Any error during the install process should be reported to your IS administrator. 


The Setup program will check for sufficient disk space.  If there is not enough, Setup will stop the installation process and advise you to clear space before proceeding.


To start the ABB GENIE II PROGRAM, click the Start button on the Microsoft Task Bar, then Programs, then ABB GENIE II PROGRAM.


To have easy access to the ABB GENIE II PROGRAM, create a desktop icon.  Once the desktop icon is created, all you need to do is double-click the icon.


System Requirements


Computer:                                             486, Pentium or better

Memory:                                               12 MB RAM

Minimum Disk Space:                            25 MB

Operating System:                                 Microsoft Windows

Networking:                                           Capabilities Available

Other Software:                                      Microsoft Office

Display size                                          Optimized for 800 x 600 pixels

Display color                                         256 color required, 32 bit preferred