for Windows   

The ABB GENIE II sizing program is an essential tool to assist in the selection and application of ABB flow meters and support troubleshooting issues. 

Many features have been incorporated to provide the user access to standard physical properties, generic and intricate process engineering conversions and ?what if? decision making with point and click simplicity.

Design specification changes are easily entered and instantly calculated.  Entries that do not meet specific meter design criteria are color-coded, with results blocked in yellow indicating caution; those blocked in red indicate a specification has been violated.

Advanced users may take advantage of entering specific data relating to tap elevation, pipe roughness and process variables to further define the sizing criteria.

Project information and other comments may be entered directly from the main sizing screen for future retrieval and printing.

Results show meter calculations, design details, pressure drop factors, power consumption and flow element hourly and yearly operating costs, and more.  References for calculation basis can be extracted from physical property tables and other standard data tables.

Results can be saved directly to Word and Excel formats, and E-mailed to end users, purchasing contacts, or co-workers.